A Woman’s Place

December 21, 2010

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The role of women in Chinese culture has been a source of concern to people for centuries. That is one side of the coin. But societies cannot really run without internal counter-balance. For instance, the Taoist belief, which emcompases both religion and philosophy, was opened to women long before many  contemporaneous creeds. Women not only established temples and schools but in many cases served as co-clerics—married teams—in rabbincal roles. This is an in-depth text by two noted interpreters and researchers on Chinese religious culture. They show the powerful role of women throughout centuries of Taoist practice. Readable by both scholar and layperson; well written and authoritative.


Some Chapters:

  • Queen of Immortals
  • Mother of the Tao
  • Founders and Matriarchs
  • Women’s Inner Alchemy

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