Qigong Practice: #1

BITSart14Don’t assume that Qigong starts with deep breathing or lightning bolts shooting out of your fingers.

Start by just standing there for a minute. Qigong begins when you Tiao Shen (control your body). Start with your feet apart about shoulder width. Slightly bend your knees. Relax your hands at your sides. Let your shoulders just hang ( I promise you, no matter how relaxed you make your arms and hands, they will not  detach and fall off). Keep your head up. Don’t use strength, pretend you  are balancing one block (your head) on another (your torso) and so on (pelvis).

Half close your eyes. Imagine your back and shoulders are just drooping, like melting wax. Let your breathing settle.

Don’t strain. Try a minute at a time. You will feel things, guaranteed, but just start with a minute of quiet standing. Put the world on hold for a bit.

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