sensations1You may be one of the lucky ones. Or you may just be crazy. If you practice diligently you will find that after some unknowable period of time you may indeed feel some hard-to-explain sensations, especially in your hands.

Here’s a little advice on how to deal with this and still not have to rearrange your entire life:

1. Don’t congratulate yourself. Don’t criticize yourself. You probably are not the Messiah returning nor are you dumb because “this took so long”. Remember, in the Qigong world, energy is normal and that’s extraordinary enough. Just accept it as gracefully as you can and go on.

2. Don’t name it. None of that: “All that is, is a temperature rise due to a localized metabolic…” Concentrate on the phenomenon not the explanation. By the same token stay away from spiritual explanations too soon, “I feel my heart chakra expanding as purple light…”

3. Be prepared to change the furniture in your life around a bit. This is the beginning, not the conclusion of your study so expect more shifts in viewpoint before it is over (it never will be).

4. Don’t try to duplicate anything just yet. If the sensation goes away for a while consider that a rest period. It will return.

5. Basically consider Qi as you would a wonderful animal hanging around your cabin. Learn its needs and habits. Listen and watch.

Note: A little bit of self-congratulation is in order. After all you’ve just passed a gate and you are entering a new land…

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