Seminar Blossoms

bitseminar6bitsem3“Blossoms in the Spring” lit up the room Sunday. Eighteen people flowed through this Taoist meditation/qigong  like a field of grass waving in the wind.

Instruction came from both authors of the new book on the subject. Narrye Caldwell showed specifics from Chinese medicine on the particular “genius” of this Qigong method. She also put into perspective the experience of performing Blossoms.  Ted Mancuso gave a long section on Qigong basics and the goals of Qigong. He related the practice of Qigong to an essential understanding of the model of health pursued in Asian medicine.

bitseminar4bitseminar7By the end of the session every  person there was moving through this fluid and complex routine with no trouble. The ease with which Blossoms is practice, its light touch, allowed people to effortlessly repeat the movements until they started to “groove” in. After a while there was a feeling of choral unity and people began closing their eyes confident that not only could they perform the movements but that they would “keep the flow” along with everyone else.

Four hours is a long time to relax, but, as one person expressed it, “I think this will not only help but let me go deeper into my other practices.” Mike Genzmer, a scientist and internal arts teacher in the San Jose area, spoke on his own experience with Blossoms and how it helped him deal with chemotherapy. Though he had taught this form many times he felt that there were always new aspects and modulations to learn. His experiences deepened people’s uderstanding of what they were doing. The comment most often heard from both teachers, “Relax. Be gentle with yourself.”

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