Falling Apart

falling_leavesIt’s amazing how quickly things fall apart. Yesterday I spent an hour tidying my house in anticipation of visitors.  This morning there was already dog hair on the couch (my pug sheds incessantly,) laundry to be done, papers to be organized, and well, you know, the inevitable slide into chaos.  And so quickly.  How did this happen in just 24 hours? I start again.

First a little tea and a few moments in front of the fire (said pug in lap,) to order my thoughts for the day.  Then, tidying up again.  I could get frustrated about this tendency of the universe to not stay put.  I’m one of those control freaks who gets anxious when my home and work environment get cluttered.  Sometimes just walking around putting things in square piles makes me feel better.

My qigong practice has this same ordering effect on my psyche. First the alignment–feet, spine, shoulders, head.  Then the calm, natural, relaxed breath. My mind settles.  Then I bring my attention to the task at hand.  Whatever I’m practicing I must have my attention gently focused on each action.  The scattered qi circles softly back into place, like a drift of leaves.  Things find their place.  I am, as my Quaker friends like to say, “all of piece.”  This is clutter clearing, qigong style.  And yes, because things have this tendency to keep falling apart, you do it every day.