Spiritual X Rays

We see, or rather we do not see, the world in highly restricted terms. We experience in a thin band of perceptions which constitute only a slit in the fabric of reality. We crouch and peer through the slit and think what we see is everything.

But “everything” is a much bigger display of fireworks than we can even imagine. The universe is flooded with the pyrotechnics of otherwise invisible x rays cutting across space, burning with the intensity of a poet’s heart.

The omnipresent influence of gravity grabs the light of the universe, bends and shapes it so that, like a wispy cloud caught by the wind, the dance of radiance curves and flows, playing Hide and Seek with itself.

Playing Hide and Seek with yourself is also a human activity. It is what we creatures with brains seem to do constantly. We feel huge things; just like the light bursting from the belly of a star. Then, adding thoughts of great “gravity”, we tender and bridle our feelings; sometimes for the better, sometimes to death. Like a black hole we don’t let light escape.

If we could teleport to a safe observation distance from some eternal fireworks display taking forever to fully show its wondrous burning design, we would see the play of the visible and the invisible. From that vantage light would bend like metal and dark matter would burn like coal. And we would see the x rays dance and recognize the slight stirring in the middle of the river that is the sum of our perceptions surrounded by a Mississippi of alternatives.

But we can teleport. When we sit silently and take away the cartoon visions of avatars and auras we see something more akin to the wonder of scientific discovery. We see that the limits of perception might be less solid than we thought. With ears the distinguish between differences of a millionth of a second, and blood that orchestrates dozens of contradictory interactions just to form a scab; the boundaries of our experience may exist more as the limits of our courage than anything more real.

Oh, and from that removed vantage point we might shed some x rays on our own lives: the frustrations, ego, anger and fear as though across a span of unconcerned space, revealing the hidden illusions brought on by seeing only a slit sized slice of life.