Imperialism and the soul

It’s really very simple. You would not expect a leopard to act like a finch. And you must not expect the forces of the world to let you alone. There’s an old truism in the motivation business. People say that they want to get rich because then they can do whatever they want, relax, amuse themselves. But it’s not the truth. It might have been once but no longer. The reason people want to get rich is to get away from other people, to be less like targets, to keep other people’s dream from crowding in on theirs. In other words even in the act of preparing for you retirement from the rat race you are continuing the rat race. This is not your fault and you must not accept it as such or feel guilt for it. The forces in society, call them capitalism, call them socialism, call them this and that but they all want the same thing: you. There’s a powerful peace in the book by Arthur Miller entitled “Focus”. This is about a non-jew who, during a period of extreme prejudiceat the end of WWII is mistaken for a jew and ends up with his fate entwined with his jewish neighbor. At one point they end up barricading themselves in the same store. As they talk the non-jew asks why everyone is after the jews so much. The jewish man replies that there are too few jews to make a difference. “They aren’t after us, theyare after you.”

Absolutely right, and they are after you, too. Everyone soul must be accounted for. The eternal expansionism of EVERY phase of society which we hypocritically call “progress” is after each and everyone of us. The so called “freedom” which is offered to us carries a high price. Why we can’t even have¬† the freedom to disagree that this is freedom. But that’s not all we can’t disagree on…

You probably think we have a lot of options. In the mundane world we listen to the squabbling of the Demcrats and Republicans and we think they are offering options. But the subjects of the debates, the assumed platforms, the very details of the debate are all perfectly agreed upon by these “rivals”. As we listen we begin to see all the decisions in their framework, this pre-fabricated little house where our souls have to stoop to enter and, eventually, contort to inhabit.

Frontiers,as soon as they are recognized, become part of the plan for colonization. In the last twenty years, exactly as I and others predicted, “intellectual property” has become a battle ground a hundred times for significant tan before. While some poor online retailer is proud and happy to have created her own “brand” of something she is logically forced into a relationship of support with all the corporations who own the real “brands”. It start simple, like a good little girl she types TM next to every mention of the word “kleenex”, and she captializes it because kleenex is a specific brand not an idiom for a paper nose tissue. Now brands become real just as property turned from a concept to a “real thing”. And, mark my words, the time will come when wars will be fought over intellectual property with real soldiers dying for imaginary borders (they already do that) and implied transgressions.

The point is that now what is inside our heads is property and property always has an owner. What we feel has always been a target of this kind of acquisition. The Church did this for centuries. Think of all the misery, of the burning loins and stifled sorrows, of the trembling kneeling by the bed and humiliation in the confessional, multiplied for centuries, a dark and vastly misty land inside each person’s soul which, through constant force of argument, the Church essentially franchised until it could sell remedies for sins and considerations for murders.

Think of the assaults on your very being, that undefineable inside you carry around with you. For imagination we are slowly substituting special effects. For political debate we are encouraging sound bites. For knowledge of our bodes all too many of us are taking dozens of pills a day. For alternative health we are bullied into operations and chemicals. For employment we are taught to start our retirement planning in our twenties. For information we are closing our books and learning to skim and surf the same 1000 000¬† hits non of which goes deeper than thin skin. For our inner life we are lulled by women’s magazines and broadcast psychologists telling us what we should feel, how we should react: despite methods we all know don’t work.

The final frontier of the Star Trek series is really the frontier insider our hearts. The movement for it will seem fair and orderly, highly compensated. Give me this inch and I’ll make you happy. Give me another and I’ll make you thin. Here’s some money. Look we can make you live for five times a normal life, but we have to take away the uniqueness of your insides.

You stand there doing an exericse which could be Qigong, meditation, contemplation or prayer. Every second you stand you have you feet firmly planted in a world as alien as Narnia, a million light centuries from the world of the day to day. This is what grates on them. When you return they will ask “what was it like? Is it real or an illustion? Is it just a chemical reaction?” They don’t care. They want you to renege on what you have seen and felt. Like the character in 1984, Winston Smith, you must deny love and everything else. This system cannot stand with loose ends. Like corporate think only the leaders can be arbitrary, everyone else must learn the lessons. There is nothing in there that is not public, they advere. The world is consistently public and understandable by everyone else. Consensus