In very simple terms Qigong is one of the antidotes to selfhood. It is hard for our modern ears to even hear such sounds let alone seem them as music. But selfhood, contrary to our teachings and our society, is not a guaranteed panacea. The core of our being does not reside in selfhood but something more basic. Qigong brings reflection to the self. That’s why the emphasis some people place on Qigong stunts is so abhorent, because it is an extension of the self with new powers and new tricks but the self nonetheless. From another angle that’s why the psychological approach- according to what a Qigong practitioner might conceive- is so often ineffective because though the self is deep it is not the basement much less the foundation that supports the being. Of course it couldn’t be or it would be the self-foundation of its own building. No, the antidote of Qigong and other practices is not to remove the self any more than stomach medicine should replace the stomach. But it is a method of achieving the realization that the self is not the foundation of our faith, our society, our politics, our science or our art. It’s not even the foundation of our problems.