Immortality, Easy

One of Qigong’s goals is immortality. That’s right, immortality. But the QiGong view is a very special one.

You should know that Qigong does not subscribe to reincarnation necessarily (at least in the case of Taoist Qigong.) Instead it generally believes in a process of personal “refinement”, that is a life lead in such a way that it continually becomes more authentic. Eventually it refines itself to the point where life and death have little distinction. It doesn’t see a good life as a triumphant movie script with cheering crowds at the end. It would be embarrassed at this. Life seems more as the passing of a grandmother in a village she’s lived in for her whole life. A quiet transformation after a life filled with gentle joy. This easy-in, easy-out approach comes not from exalted views but a humble realization that we do not know what we were before or what we will become. Maybe a mountain flower overlooking the town in which we were born? This is what the Taoists call “the woman’s way”.