Natural, Ordinary, Extraordinary

Do you know what the Chinese often call meditation? Sitting and forgetting. But why “forgetting?” At first it’s a little confusing. Then you realize that anyone over the age of ten might have the need to forget a few things here and there.

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Or, even better, we might think of “letting go” or “clearing”. Of course normal human life adapts to time and change as best it can. This is only natural. What Taoist meditation does is accept the natural and then try to make it an art. Accepting the natural is nothing like accepting the ordinary. All of the people and the environment around us constitute the ordinary. Ordinary opinions and values. But the ordinary is like today’s fashion, unattached to anything but change just for change’s sake. To take the natural and bring your attention to it is an act of tremendous originality to purpose and it can be very freeing, a letting go that lightens your every action and your thoughts. In fact you might remember that forgetting the ordinary can actually let your see the natural. It sometimes surprises people to realize that the natural is also the extra-ordinary.