The Art and Practice of Loving

Gerald Jampolsky, M.D. author of Love is Letting Go of Fear writes,
“If you wish to open your heart to love, to explore the depth of your soul, to experience help on your spiritual journey, and to meditate on spiritual truths, then this is the book for you.”

Frank Andrews Ph.D. and his book, The Art and Practice of LovingThe Art and Practice of Loving

Living a Heartfelt Yes
Frank Andrews Ph.D.

20th Anniversary Edition

Cunningly designed, this book takes you through most manifestations of the act and art of loving. Frank Andrews, a Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry is also an insightful counselor. He gathers his own personal experiences and those of people he has helped, along with quotations from famous writers and thinkers, and weaves them all into an engaging meditation on the topology of love: its hills, valleys, cloudy and sunny areas. In every case he draws a powerful lesson, and a distinctly proactive standard that encourages you TO DO something about your relation to love. The sections are compact, concentrated and focused with Andrews bringing his intelligence, compassion and attentive touch to every topic. Each topic is only a few pages long and presented with an intriguing and thoughtful scrutiny.

This is a book that you will hunt for, pull down from the shelf, and stand reading page by page, over and over. The exercises Andrews suggests are excellent meditations on the very thing we can all name—love— but few of us really consider. His voice is personal and intelligent, like talking to a counselor and a friend at the same time.
This is the 20th anniversary printing, available again after an absence of some time.