Bigfoot and QG

There’s a great scene in Close Encounters that perfectly shows the dangers of speaking out loud about the fringes of normal reality. All the characters in the movie have had personal experiences with UFOs. They finally get the army to pay attention. They are all gathered around a conference table and the army rep is attentive. Then someone breaks in, “I saw Bigfoot once,” and you can just hear the feeling of success deflate like a leaky balloon.

The point is that not every connection is valid. Yes, some people think that Qigong creates mystical powers igniting things from across the room, levitating, telepathy, etc. But these are not the core values of Qigong whether you think these abilities are fact or bunk. And don’t for a second believe that everyone in China who considers Qigong a valid health and spiritual practice accepts all the stories which, if you are really familiar with the subject, you know have been floating around for a thousand years, as authenticated as that sighting of the guy with the size thirty shoes.