The Trembles

You’ve been practicing Qigong for a few months and you got up this morning and went right to it. You stood there a few minutes and then something new and slightly alarming happened: you began to shake all over like a juicer. Your hands blurred their fingers, your rib cage jerked like a roller coaster, your knees jiggled almost as much as your teeth.

It subsided but you were left with two distinct and somewhat conflicting feelings: one, that you might be crossing over into some kind of physical danger zone and the other, that you are possibly an unknown Magus Incarnate.

Safe to say neither is true. As the fascia relaxes the body shakes. In Qigong terms you are opening up sections of your body and mind which have not been active for quite a while. All this is normal in Qigong.

This opening, sometimes pleasant sometimes unsettling, occurs at least once in every Qigong journey. The obstacles of a lifetime don’t shake loose easily. Sometimes you can almost hear the ice cracking. But, just as in the moment after surviving an earthquake, when the trembling subsides, there is a feeling of elation that is real. You’re still there. Shaken, but also stirred.


photo by Debbie Shayne