Don’t Expect Roses

I just listened to a Billy Connolly routine. To me he is a very funny man. He went on for a number of minutes on the subject of “energy.” These were some of his lines…

“If they say, “You know, I think there’s a certain energy between us…’ slap them,. they’re trying to get your underwear off.”

“My personal favorite is, ‘I don’t believe in God, per se…but I do believe in a certain energy’…”

“There was a shop near the coffee store where I used to hang out. It was one of those shops for the gullible, a lot of shiny stones, a lot of incense, and pendulums and tarot cards and things for the fucking daft…”

If you are of the persuasion, as I am, that there is something out there as yet unconsummated in our range of knowledge, it can be a little disheartening to be seen this way. Some people just ignore it all  and good for them, except that these people are often best at ignoring just about everything except their own fantasies.

You see, it’s like religion or politics. There, one of the first and most important moves is to decide who you ARE NOT WITH. Yes, the Crusaders were Christians, but I’m not one of them. Yes, some Republicans want to make America into a concentration camp but I’m not one of them. Yes, I believe in the possibility of alien life but I never took a blurry photo of Big Foot.

It is essential (not an essential oil, that is) that our more soft-headed compatriots do not write the agenda in our exploration of what will be, not may be, an important step in human progress. There are plenty of reasonable but intuitive explanations in life. We don’t have to associate with the worst of our avatars. Let’s face it, some people who share your beliefs are soft in the cabeza.

And, just to set the record straight, if you want truly uncritical acceptance of just about anything, there is no better place on earth than the UK. This is elf-land, where people photograph fairies, and plant crystals with their roses. This is the home of eccentricity.