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Said: Buber

“Every person born into this world represents something new, something that never existed before, something original and unique.” Martin Buber: The Way of Man, According to the Teacings of Hasidism, p. 16

Blossoms Seminar for September

Here are two more seminars for both acupuncturists (compete with CEU’s and everyone else interested in learning this great Qigong form)

Making a Qigong DVD…

What is it like to make a DVD presentation on a subject like Qigong? Read our experience on the making of Blossoms in the Spring and other martial and Qigong related DVDs in … Both Sides of the Camera

At last! A Blossoms DVD

Any minute now we’ll be getting our first shipment of the highly requested DVD for Blossoms in the Spring. Not only does this 70+minute disk teach the essential movements of the form but it is filled with interviews, commentary and…

Imperialism and the soul

It’s really very simple. You would not expect a leopard to act like a finch. And you must not expect the forces of the world to let you alone.

New Tai Chi Page!

Yes, we’ve hand-selected some of the best Tai Chi DVDs available East or West…

An Immortality Tale

2000 years ago, during the Han dynasty, the King commanded vast wealth and power…

Qigong Essentials #1 DVD

Get down to the Essentials! Here’s the first DVD in our structured program of learning. You might call this one a stepping stone because it assures you make all the correct moves starting on your Qigong journey. Ten exercises reinforce…

Event: Blossoms at the Academy

Sunday, January 17th, the Academy of Martial Arts in Santa Cruz, hosted an “in house” seminar just for students and friends. Over two dozen participants attended many who had little or no Qigong training. The two-hour seminar went by fast…

Interview: with Narrye #2

Here’s the second part of this three-part interview. Narrye Caldwell discusses her own experiences with Qigong.