Author: C. Eric Kutner

Clear Headedness

All we want is a clear mind. By that I mean a mind without pain or bad emotions. All we want is to take a vacation from the difficulties of being human.

The Real and the True

One of the most persistent confusions in medicine and health care is the idea of normative reality.  In truth normative information is only  generally true, not always useful in specific cases and sometimes quite misleading in application.

Some Happiness

Happiness has many approaches. Some of them take us far away from the happiness we feel into a land of speculation, almost like gambling. There are some paths to happiness that are shorter, more direct. To see these more direct…

“The Picture of Health”

Such a nice phrase, really a compliment we bestow on those who seem to us to be emblematic of perfect health. But is our picture clear, or as foggy as snow on an old black and white tv?