Author: Ted Mancuso

Nothing Special

Please don’t fall into that category of people who are simultaneously self-impressed and casual. That’s why I hate terms like “running energy”, “bad qi”, and such.

Spirit and Qigong

I often hear people say “I am spiritual.” I believe that, in many cases, what they mean is that they are spiritual and NOT religious. The difference between these two states lies here: being spiritual is a reflection of one’s…

Walking Back to Health: An Ancient Chinese Secret

It’s 6 o’clock in the morning; my eyes have not yet adjusted to the hour, and I can still hear the call of my warm bed luring me back to sleep. But Heaven Park in Beijing is already alive and…

Why Ghosts Hop

The idea of qi is far deeper than most modern people suspect. This energy has been seen as traveling through everything, moving between our atoms, wrapping our bones and circling the planet in the stars.

Change Everything without a Blink

Have you done Qigong today? Even if you “don’t have the time” take a moment to glaze your eyes and pretend to look at the distant mountains.  If you can actually see distant mountains, so much the better. People always…