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This column by Will Regan will discuss all aspects of Qigong practice, theory, philosophy from the simple and traditional to the wilder side of this art and its claimants.

The Joy of Yin

There’s a saying in Chinese medicine that “Women are blood and men are qi.”

Tao: No Recovery

Certain words are meant to signify some positive goal or event but often accomplish the opposite. Take the word “empowerment”…

Making a Qigong DVD…

What is it like to make a DVD presentation on a subject like Qigong? Read our experience on the making of Blossoms in the Spring and other martial and Qigong related DVDs in … Both Sides of the Camera

At last! A Blossoms DVD

Any minute now we’ll be getting our first shipment of the highly requested DVD for Blossoms in the Spring. Not only does this 70+minute disk teach the essential movements of the form but it is filled with interviews, commentary and…

Imperialism and the soul

It’s really very simple. You would not expect a leopard to act like a finch. And you must not expect the forces of the world to let you alone.

Clear Headedness

All we want is a clear mind. By that I mean a mind without pain or bad emotions. All we want is to take a vacation from the difficulties of being human.

Intention not Tension

Here’s a great little exercise. What’s so effective about it is that all you need is a little imagination. This exercise is about “intent”, that is bringing your attention to a specific task and then continuing to focus your mind…

The Inner Frontier

Star Trek always started with a little introduction about the “final frontier”. Of course space is not the final frontier at all, and it never will be. The final frontier will always be the human soul and the human experience.

An Immortality Tale

2000 years ago, during the Han dynasty, the King commanded vast wealth and power…

Event: Blossoms at the Academy

Sunday, January 17th, the Academy of Martial Arts in Santa Cruz, hosted an “in house” seminar just for students and friends. Over two dozen participants attended many who had little or no Qigong training. The two-hour seminar went by fast…

Interview: Taoism and Qigong

A frequent question that comes up for people learning and practicing Qigong is the relation of Taoism (Daoism) to goals and methods of Qigong. Here’s a seven minute interview with Ted Mancuso that will add some understanding on the common…

DVD update

Our first Qigong DVD is titled “Qigong essentials #1: Controlling the Body” is just coming off the drawing board.