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Interview: with Narrye #2

Here’s the second part of this three-part interview. Narrye Caldwell discusses her own experiences with Qigong.

A Fast Four Hours

September 20, 2009: Santa Cruz, California:
A wide range of people and training came together to spend a few hours learning a very special approach to the practice of Qigong.

“The Picture of Health”

Such a nice phrase, really a compliment we bestow on those who seem to us to be emblematic of perfect health. But is our picture clear, or as foggy as snow on an old black and white tv?

Interview: Narrye Caldwell L.Ac.

Our whole site is built around the ancient Qigong method known as Blossoms in the Spring. We asked the co-author of the new book on Blossoms to share her experiences as an acupuncturist, her insights into Qigong and her view…

Baskin Robbins 3000

The Chinese government has estimated that somewhere around three thousand (yes, 3000) forms of Qigong still exist in China. It’s true they may be disappearing faster than the rain forest but, as of now, there is still a great inheritance.…