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Exclusive DVDs from Blossoms in the Spring

The field of Qigong is rapidly expanding and products proliferate like uncounted breaths. Some of the material is authentic, good and helpful; others, as might be expected, not as much so.

For 40 years, we have been teaching Chinese martial arts and 'energetics', including Qigong. In 2009, we joined with our sister company, Plum Publications, to create material that will enable students--whether they are near and study with us, or at a distance and must rely on books and DVDs--to have the experience of learning and practicing authentic Qigong. This art is a passion for us, and we hope that we can help to make it yours, too.

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Qigong Essentials
Qigong EssentialsDVD#19009 Qigong Essentials #1: Controlling The Body
Ted Mancuso

The first in our NEW series of DVDs designed to teach a complete approach to Qigong from the basics,
through the essentials to its most fascinating and advanced material.

Qigong practice rests on three basic principles: controlling the body, controlling the qi
and controlling the mind.

In this foundational DVD, you will learn ten essential exercises to “guide” the Qigong body. In 30 minutes you will acquire
Qigong Essentialsa new alphabet, the alphabet of Qigong. Whether you are already practicing a regimen, like Blossoms in the Spring,
or come new to Qigong practice, these movements will guarantee your progress and give you a blueprint for further exploration.

Topics: 1. Alignment      2. Speed   3.Tone   4. Fullness   5. Relaxation
    6.Pulling Inward   7.Mobility   8.Fluidity   9. Balance   10. Serenity


$12.95: About 30 minutes